CINCEL, the Spanish word for chisel, is an acronym that describes who we are:  primarily a Spanish language and cultural training center for Assemblies of God missionaries serving in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The school year is divided into three trimesters during which we offer a variety of courses such as Grammar, Conversation, and Phonetics to our full-time students.
Three times a year we offer intensive classes focused on the development of specific competencies needed for missionary service.


We are Assemblies of God

We are a formation center

We are pentecostal 



We are Mike and Ilona Hadinger,  the Directors of CINCEL.

We were appointed as missionaries to Mexico in 1995 where we served among ethnic and unreached people groups through Fall of 2018.

In November 2018, we were appointed directors of Cincel, moving to Costa Rica in 2019.

We love our LAC missionary family and are excited to see God calling many to help establish the church in this region.

May God be glorified and Jesus exalted in all we do!

CINCEL is a strategic place for a critical time."


What Former Students Say...

Tracy Orosco

" CINCEL not only helps missionaries to reach the un- reached, but also helped my MKs to speak to their Spanish speaking grandparents and aunts ! Thank you for all that you do!

Josh & Karri Woolley

"In Bible School, we often were taught that no amount of preparation would return void. We found that true during our time at Cincel as well! Language school was an incredible season of learning Spanish, deepening our understanding of Latin culture, applying missiology, and building relationships with other missionaries. Our time spent preparing for missionary life and work in Costa Rica has not returned void!"

Heather Mattocks

" CINCEL prepared me by easing me into life of new culture and language. I cultivated eternal relationship with Profesoras who God used to equip and help fulfill my call. Additionally, I have friends that I now call family. I gaind so much more than spanish!"

How To SUCCEED at CINCEL and Beyond

CINCEL is your gateway as an AGWM missionary to LAC. At CINCEL you will begin learning both the Spanish language and cross-cultural adaptation. Inherent to both will be challenges and difficulties. The three key factors of success are...
Spiritual Formation
-Hunger for God and his Word, practice fasting and prayer, and learn solitude.
In missionary service, character is greater than any competency, be it language, theology, missiology, or other.
Honor the Sabbath, slow down, be patient and flexible, and take care of one another.