We invite you to get to know our wonderful staff here at CINCEL.

We are a team of missionaries and Costa Rican nationals working together to train and prepare LAC missionaries in language and cross-cultural living.

Each one serves faithfully in their area of ministry for one purpose: to see the church of Jesus Christ established among all peoples everywhere throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are honored to serve and oversee this dedicated team.

Mike and Ilona Hadinger, Directors of CINCEL

Meet CINCEL’s Interim Directors:

Jennifer and Jon Dahlager

The Dahlagers are veteran missionaries here in Costa Rica who will be handling the day to day ministry of CINCEL while the Hadingers are on their year of itineration. 

Karen Suarez
Academic Dean; Spanish Teacher
Yolanda Piedras
Spanish Teacher
Mecbel Matarita
Spanish Teacher
Elizabeth Leyton
Spanish Teacher
Silvia Mora
Online Spanish Kidz Coordinator, Teacher
Katya Pulgar
Spanish Teacher; Online Spanish Kidz Teacher
Alex Ethridge, Missionary Associate
MK Schoolhouse Secondary Teacher
Jack and Trudy Vegter
Maria José
MK Schoolhouse Elementary Teacher; Communications Secretary
Alba Nuñez
Jesel Solis
Financial Secretary
Carolina Rodriguez
Nursery Care Provider
Alvaro Castro
Groundskeeper; Maintenance
Ezequias Aguirre