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Most household items are provided for in the apartments. If you have a favorite item that you don’t want to live without, bring it. One thing not provided for is a Kitchen Aid mixer which some people wish they had. A hand mixer is provided in every apartment.

Medications are easily obtained in Costa Rica but they don’t always have the exact brand or milligrams. If you have medications that need to be exact, bring them. IMG will let you buy 6 months at a time.

The water is safe to drink in most places in Costa Rica. Cincel does provide 5- gallon jugs of water to whoever feels more comfortable drinking bottled water.

Modes of transportation are Uber, Taxi, Bus and occasionally the train. Uber seems to work the best for most students.

There is a gym within walking distance of Cincel.

Each apartment building has 2 washers and 2 dryers.

Walmart and PriceSmart (similar to Sams & Costco) will have most everything you will need. We have smaller stores that are in walking distance, like Fresh Market and Auto Mercado that have food and a variety of other things. But those stores are more expensive.

Yes, there is very good Internet in every apartment.

No - CINCEL has cribs for your little ones, as well as high chairs. However, you will need a car seat. Best option for you is the stroller/car seat combination.

Please check with your airline. Many students have used totes without any problem. Also, stay informed with the country's requirements, as they can change without warning.

You must first have financial clearance before you purchase your airline ticket. This will be through your itineration/account specialist.

Yes! Please bring them! Please make sure your family is up to date on all their vaccinations. In case of small children/babies, they can fulfill their vaccination requirements here, under the doctor that works with CINCEL.

We are close to Clinica Biblica, one of Costa Rica's best hospitals. We work directly with Dr. John Longworth, one of Clinica's long-standing MDs. Interesting FYI: Doc Longworth is an MK, born and raised here in Costa Rica.

No. In fact, various places accept US dollars. Even so, most people use ATMs to withdraw cash in Costa Rican Colones.

Our driver Luis will be there either with a CINCEL sign, or one of our staff will be there to greet you. You will be advised prior to your flight.

WhatsApp is the way staff and students communicate with each other. If you don't have our numbers, write us below.

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